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Being school ready all important: Gonski Report 2.0

Government and sector

Australia’s largest not for profit early learning provider has welcomed the recognition of the importance of quality early learning in ensuring children are ready for school in the Gonski panel’s report on improving school outcomes.

Goodstart Early Learning CEO Julia Davison said the report was a ringing endorsement of the importance of early learning and parent engagement in ensuring children are ready for school.

“The Gonski report comes just after the release of the authoritative ‘Lifting Our Game” report*, commissioned by all State Governments on improving early learning outcomes.

“Both reports highlight how far behind the rest of the world Australia’s educational outcomes have fallen.

“A clear part of the solution is ensuring children can start their learning journey with access to quality early learning in the years before school.

“The findings of the report, particularly the first three, highlight that a child’s learning pathway starts long before they start school, and that early childhood education makes a significant contribution to later school outcomes.

“Yet Australian Government’s investment in the early years lags most leading OECD countries and fails to provide sustainable funding for the two years of quality early learning in the years before school that is commonplace in most leading economies.

“As a nation, we have to do better,” she said.

Ms Davison said the ‘Lifting our Game’ report* on early learning had been recently endorsed by 36 early childhood sector leaders, including Goodstart, and was on the agenda for the Education Ministers Council.

“State and Federal Government now have a blueprint for reform that will support the learning of all children in the years before school to the end of secondary school.

“Now it is time for action and to make the changes needed to ensure all Australian children reach their full potential, our country’s future depends upon it,” Ms Davison said.


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