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Blackmans Bay supporting local growers

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Children at Goodstart Blackmans Bay are not only enjoying the benefits of fresh fruit and veg, they are also helping to support local growers and vulnerable people in their community.

The centre has started buying from a farmer’s co-op for the fruit and vegetables they use, adding to their network of local suppliers they engage to keep the centre’s children fed and healthy.

Centre director, Emma Callanan, said the centre was proud to support the co-op as a way to help the local area, with all proceeds going directly back to growers.

“The co-op sources food from all sorts of local growers, from large farms right through to school and community gardens.

“We buy from them every two weeks for the centre and we also buy food packages which we donate back to the co-op for distribution to people in need in the community, as part of the pay it forward movement.

“Being locally sourced, nothing has to be shipped long distances so the quality is really high, which our families appreciate.”

The connection with local farms and growers has also paved the way to introduce the centre’s children to nutrition and where food comes from.

“Learning about where fresh food comes from is part of understanding health and nutrition. Using local growers as much as we do has been a great way to stimulate the children’s interest in the many different types of foods being grown and why it’s important to have a healthy diet”.
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