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Census reveals Goodstart wages ahead of sector

Government and sector

Educators and teachers at Goodstart are paid considerably better than the vast majority of educators across the long day care sector, most of whom earn little more than award wages.

The National Workforce Census for the ECEC sector reveals that in 2021, 62.9% of the staff working in long daycare centres were paid no more than the award rate.

This is much higher than the rest of the economy, where just 23% of employees have their wages set by awards, and highlights the structural challenges that early childhood educators have faced in getting higher wages.

By contrast, all educators and teachers at Goodstart are paid at least 4% more than the award rate, rising to 5% next July.  Graduate teachers at Goodstart enjoy wages comparable with those paid in Government schools, which is 13.7% higher than the award.

Centre Directors are paid at least 11% more than the award rate, rising to 12% next July.

Wage rates for Goodstart are fully protected in a registered Enterprise Agreement agreed between Goodstart and its employees and union. Of the 7,300 employers in the early learning sector, just 2% have registered Enterprise Agreements. Hardly any private providers have registered agreements.

Most Goodstart educators received a wage increase of 5.6% last month, and will receive an increase 1% higher than the increase in award rates again next year.

What are teachers and educators paid at Goodstart (full time rates – 38 hours)


(*NSW/ACT rate $1029.80; **NSW/ACT rate $1046.52; ***Tas rate $1391.94)

Goodstart would like to see educators in our centres paid rates comparable to the rates paid to educators in public schools.

To pay for that, we would need increased funding from the Federal Government. Goodstart along with our sector partners are currently lobbying the Federal Government to fund substantial pay rises for educators in the early childhood sector

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the lead up to the Federal Election said that low wages in the early childhood sector was ‘something that has to be addressed, we will address it.’

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