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From one mother to another

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Toothpaste, deodorant and soap – they’re among the many things we take for granted in life, and they’re routinely put in the shopping trolley without us thinking too much about it.

But for some mums, stretching the budget to take in these essentials, is a stretch too far.

That’s where Eureka Mums comes in. The Ballarat-based organisation is helping every mum in the community have access to these items, and Goodstart Wendouree is going along for the ride.

The One Mother To Another initiative recognises the work that mums do in our community and offers mothers the chance to let others know they are thinking of them on Mother’s Day. The packages go to mothers living in refuges or who are homeless.

Eureka Mums also collect donations of nursery equipment and other baby essentials such as prams, clothes and linen.

Donna Hutchings, from Goodstart Wendouree, bought eight toiletry bags and filled them with products brought in by the centre families.

The bags were then distributed by social workers and maternal child health nurses to mothers in need.

“We thought with Mother’s Day coming up, it would be lovely to acknowledge the amazing jobs all mums do in the community,” Ms Hutchings said.

“Eureka Mums was running the campaign and we thought we could open it up to all of our families by asking them to bring in one toiletry item.”

“We’ve had an amazing response so far. We bought eight toiletry bags and ended up filling all of them with three large bags of products left over,” she said.

 “It’s our way of giving back to the community. There are six Goodstart Early Learning centres in Ballarat and we really want to show people that while we may be part of a big organisation, we’re here for families.

“Most of our staff have been here for a really long time and we have great relationships with our families. We like to show people we’re here, we’re human and we are part of the Ballarat community.”
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