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Fun on the agenda at Queensland centre

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Forget the swing set, the slide and sandpit. When the children at Goodstart Early Learning Kanimbla, in Far North Queensland, go for a play, they head for their very own waterpark.  

The waterpart, which has five mushrooms which sprout water, and a shallow pool for the children to play in, was built in 2004 when the centre first opened. 

Centre director Cherena Terrell said the waterpark was a major attraction at Kanimbla.

“Because the weather is so hot up here, about 30 to 37 degrees Celsius during summer, the park only closes down in July and August. We’ve just opened it up again for summer,” Ms Terrell said.

“People just love it when they come to see the centre because they know their children will have a bit of fun during the day. Not many centres have them so it really sets us apart.”

The park is cleaned three times a week and the water is recycled. The centre also features a sustainable garden where the children and the educators grow fruit and vegetables to which is used for cooking experiences.

The waterpark and garden are part of Goodstart’s commitment to offering learning experiences that offer children the opportunity to extend imaginary play.

“We have picked some cucumbers this week which we ate that afternoon, and there’s a pineapple just about ready to be picked,” Ms Terrell said.

She said the children were actively involved in supporting good causes, including Guide Dogs Queensland. 

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