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Fun opportunities promote emergent literacy

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Goodstart Early Learning’s social inclusion team is encouraging and supporting early literacy skills through a partnership with the Reading Writing Hotline.

The Reading Writing Hotline helps parents improve their own literacy skills so they can help their children to read and write.

Goodstart provided the hotline with resources, information and practical strategies parents who contact the hotline can use.

Goodstart speech pathology national manager Tiffany Noble said the tips and strategies focussed on the importance of back and forth interactions, oral language and use of everyday opportunities to support children’s language and literacy skills from birth.

 “Research shows that people who do not develop literacy skills in early childhood fall behind and stay behind and that poor literacy has a profound negative effect on long term academic, vocational and the skills we all need to interact with, influence and relate to other people,” she said.
“Emergent literacy develops from birth and continues through the pre-school years and within this phase a child gains the foundational skills, knowledge and attitudes to literacy that they need before conventional reading and writing can be learnt.”
The accumulation of everyday interactions like sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, talking to each other, or pointing out and naming objects all help children develop literacy skills. 
See the Reading Writing Hotline video here:
Some Goodstart endorsed tips to help promote emerging literacy include:
  • Book sharing: encouraging talking/discussion about the book you are reading.
  • Letters and road rules: pointing out letters, words and numbers and road signs when out and about.
  • Bath time: singing songs to each other during bath time.
  • Imitation: Imitating babbling sounds a baby makes.
  • Meal times: labelling and describing food and drink at meal times.
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