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Getting ready for big school

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Preparing for their first year of school and strengthening ties within the community was the aim of a visit to big school by the preschool children at Goodstart Wagga Wagga - Station Place.

Centre director Melissa Wheatley said the school visit was planned as an extension on the children’s interest in going to school. 

“The children have been visiting the local schools to attend their orientation days so the preschool room has been full of conversations about going to big school, which school each child is going to and what they will do there,” Ms Wheatley said.


The children spent the visits listening to stories and playing with playdough, dress-ups, colouring in and card games.

The visit included free time for the children to enjoy together.

“They loved interacting with the older girls and boys and were really excited to recognise some of the children who had previously attended the centre with them," Ms Wheatley said.

The centre will plan more visits to the school next year, and hopes to build a strong relationship with the school community.
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