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Goodstart Carlton champion early literacy video

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A new video promoting early literacy for children up to three years old has been created by Goodstart Carlton and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.

The video features senior educator at Goodstart Carlton Kate Lang as the presenter and offers parents advice on everyday activities to do with their children to boost literacy. Goodstart Carlton centre direct Danielle Malone said the launch of the video was a proud moment for her centre.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into developing links within our professional community and were thrilled to be approached to be involved in creating this video,” Ms Malone said.

“The video shows how parents can help their babies and young children develop the skills they need for reading and learning throughout life and although it’s targeted to parents, the key messages are universal and can be adapted by anyone.

“It’s all about raising the profile of early literacy and making everyday moments count. We’re proud to support this as it aligns closely with our own philosophy at Goodstart Carlton.”

The video offers simple tips for parents to incorporate into their everyday activities:
  • Remember that children develop the skills they need for reading long before they start to read, so it’s never too early to talk, sing and read with a child.
  • Everyday moments offer opportunities to encourage the development of skills, like writing their names on items, creating shopping lists, counting leaves, following recipes, reading street signs and many more.
  • Turning off the television and mobile devices helps you and your child to properly engage with each other through language, eye contact and hugs.

The advice in the video supports evidence on the long-lasting benefits of early literacy development in children, and that something as simple as reading daily to young children improves schooling outcomes regardless of family background and home environment.

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