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Goodstart Prospect Vale wins Waste NoT Awards

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Goodstart Prospect Vale’s “Sustainability Project” which saw sustainable practices embedded into the daily running of the centre, has won a Northern Tasmanian Waste NoT Award.

The centre was selected for their innovative eco-friendly initiative.

Centre director Natasha Jarman said she was overjoyed with the award crediting her team for their dedication and commitment to improving sustainable practices in the centre.

“Our team made a commitment to reduce the impact we were having on the environment,” Ms Jarman said.

“We created the "Sustainability Project" which focused on making our centre more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“Our goal was to teach the children to respect the environment and participate in experiences that would help build their understanding of the importance of sustainable practices,” she said.

To get their project up and running, the centre contacted local businesses and encouraged families and the community to get involved.

 “We contacted our local garden centre and Bunnings, which donated plants for our gardens,” Ms Jarman said.

“We created new garden beds and planted a variety of vegetables and herbs. We also planted a number of fruit trees and are planning on having an orchard here at the centre.

“The children and families help care for the gardens and are able to harvest the crops and take them home to enjoy. Our centre cook also uses the vegetables as part of her centre menu,” she said. 

The centre also has a recycling station so that children and families can recycle paper, plastic, boxes and tins. There are six laying hens that provide eggs for the centre, and a worm farm to help with the food scraps.

Ms Jarman said the project had helped the children and families become more socially aware about the importance of sustainable practices.

“The changes we’ve made have had a huge impact to the children and families at our centre. Families have incorporated our ideas at home, and the children more aware of how to recycle, upcycle and re-use.”

The centre is now working on new strategies to create more sustainable environments. 

About the 2016 Waste NoT Awards

The Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Waste NoT Awards aims to celebrate and recognise those within the community who have made the effort to change the way they manage their waste.

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