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Goodstart teachers celebrated on World Teacher's Day

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At Goodstart Early Learning we are grateful for our talented, qualified and passionate teachers every day.

But on World Teachers’ Day 2018, we take the opportunity to celebrate and thank Goodstart’s teachers for their dedication and commitment to providing quality early learning opportunities to all children.

They are the lifeblood of our organisation, working alongside our equally as talented and passionate educators to build the future of our country by launching our children into the world while showing them the love and respect they deserve.

There are more than 1000 teachers work across more than 600 centres within the Goodstart network.

Here is a small snapshot of some of the best quotes from a selection of our teachers from 2018 - demonstrating the love and commitment they show every day.

Goodstart Double Bay early childhood teacher Ghada Gindy said early learning was her main passion.

“Working with children and mixing our learning resources with their creativity and ideas is always a pleasure,” she said.

“I learn from them every day and am often so surprised by the ideas they give me.”

Goodstart Belgrave Heights early childhood teacher Sarah Presutto said loved trumped everything when it came to educating children.

“I love learning about children and all their quirky personalities,” she said.

“By showing them love, you can give them the confidence, the skills and the ability to do anything; nothing is beyond their capabilities,” she said.

Goodstart Gawler early childhood teacher Emily Fox was recently nominated by one of her families for a local radio station’s Teacher of the Year award.

She said she loved being able to build close connections with children to help them learn.

“As an early childhood teacher, I love working with four and five year olds because I can see how what I do in my work can really make a positive difference in a child’s life.

“Early learning, particularly a quality kindergarten program helps children get ready for school by learning about independence and routines and I think in Goodstart particularly we extend children the opportunity to also learn through play, which is so important for their development.”

Goodstart McKinnon early childhood teacher Andi Hill said she loved working with kindergarten aged children.

“I love everything about kindergarten children. It is an age when they are becoming their own person and developing their own sense of humour and seeing how they progress throughout their kindergarten year is so rewarding,” she said.
Goodstart Harristown early childhood teacher Jane Whitney said her centre became an Enhancing Children’s Outcomes (EChO) Centre in June 2016, because it was attended by many children from vulnerable circumstances.

“We work really hard to improve the outcomes of these children by addressing some key areas of vulnerability including supporting the children with language development and managing their emotions before they get to kindergarten.

“We are always trying to find new and practical ways of helping children learn that supports their unique needs and development,” she said.

Goodstart Morningside Wynnum Road, early childhood teacher Maria Leudo said she always taught with love and helped children to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Working with children is my motivation and my passion, but to be able to work with children you need to create a relationship with them that is based on trust,” Ms Leudo said.

“I love working with our families to develop the skills and the education of the children - it is such a fun and magical time that we get to be involved in.

“I truly believe that the kindergarten and leading up to kindergarten age is one of the most important stages of a child’s life, it is when they begin to develop the values and beliefs that can last their entire life, so it is very important that they form strong and secure bonds with their educators.”

Goodstart Kingsley Early Childhood Teacher Sue Leach was dedicated to supporting all the children in her centre.

“If they fall over, we are here beside them to offer them help, if they drop their pencil, we are here to help them pick it up; and we are here to model how to try again and again and again until they master it.”

“We will always give lots of praise for effort and then we pick one thing that they have done really, really well and we will focus on that,” she said.
Thank you to all of our teachers!
Internationally World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October. However, as this is usually during Australian school holidays, Australia celebrates the day on the last Friday in October of each year.
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