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Graduates ready to say hello to big school

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Kindergarten children at Goodstart Bowen are getting ready to graduate as their transition to big school in 2017 draws closer.
On December 9, 15 children from the kindy room will throw their graduation hats into the air and officially graduate in front of their families and educators.
Centre director Tracey Chrzanowski said the event was a highlight on the centre’s calendar every year.
“The graduation ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate children’s early milestones and to reflect on their time at Goodstart and all they have accomplished throughout the year,” Mrs Chrzanowski said.
“We know the early years of a child’s life are extremely important – between birth and five years of age, children grow and develop faster than at any other stage in their lives. We also know that children who attend early learning are one third less likely to start school behind their peers.
“It’s a really special time not only for the children, but also for their families and the educators who have nurtured their development and taught them many skills to help prepare them for school and life beyond,” she said.
With more than 20 years’ experience in the early learning sector, 18 months of that time spent as a director at Goodstart Bowen, Mrs Chrzanowski has been part of many children’s development and learning journeys.
“I still love that I get to talk to children every day and have conversations with them about the things they love and what interests them. Children have such wonderful imaginations and it is amazing to see how the use this as part of their learning every day,” she said.
“Our team is extremely dedicated and we are all so grateful we get to be part of teaching children the things that will assist them when they are older. It is exciting to see new developments continuously emerge into children’s learning and theories to reflect the changing world.” 
Goodstart Bowen, which has 66 children attend the service during the week, is very involved in the local community and has a particular focus on sustainability and the natural environment, and also inclusion of Indigenous cultures. The close community connections they have forged in recent years provide enriched learning experiences for all children.
So far, children have been on excursions to the Murroona Garden Aged Care facility, Strawberry Farm, Bowen Library, Mullers Lagoon, Local IGA, Cinema, Queens Beach, St Marys and Bowen state school, Turtle Release, museums, local farms, local cafes and have had special visits at their centre from the local police, fire brigade, ambulance officers, African Drumming, The Rainbow Eagle Didgeridoo and they also participate in the St Mary’s reading group. 
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