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Indooroopilly children become little chefs for a day

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Cooking is not only fun, but it provides a wealth of learning opportunities for children. Cooking requires children to think about maths and science concepts, planning, thinking, and time management. It’s also one of the best ways to learn about healthy eating and nutrition.

At Goodstart Indooroopilly Witton Road in Queensland the educators are encouraging children to take part in cooking in the centre.

They recently celebrated National Pyjama Day by making a delicious pot of vegetable soup with the kindergarten children.

Early childhood teacher Monica Kidd, said the cooking experience provided an opportunity for children to explore the world of food.

“The children were invited to bring in one vegetable to add to the pot — just like the story, Stone Soup, which we read in the afternoon.

“We had a fantastic response from parents and we were able collect a huge bowl of fresh ingredients,” Ms Kidd said.

Children were encouraged to participate in the preparation of the soup.

“During the morning, the children engaged in mathematical thinking as they sorted the ingredients by type, naming and counting the collections of vegetables as we went. As they watched us prepare the soup, the children commented on the look and smell of the vegetables.”

“When all the ingredients were in the pot and the root vegetables were roasted, we left the pot to simmer on the stove while we enjoyed a shared play date with our younger kindy friends,” Ms Kidd said.

“When lunch time came, the children enjoyed tasting the delicious soup they'd contributed to making.”

There’s many you can get your children involved in the kitchen at home. Here’s some simple ideas that your little one can master:
  • Washing fruit and vegetables
  • Stirring and mixing ingredients 
  • Measuring and pouring
  • Setting the table 
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