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Kindy visit to bakery a boost for maths skills

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Goodstart Rothwell’s kindergarten class have put on their chef hats to learn about the process of bread baking as they headed off on a community excursion to their local bakery ‘Bake n Go’ at Rothwell.
Children learnt what happens when water is added to flour and got their ‘hands dirty’ by kneading some dough.
Goodstart’s Early Childhood Teacher Donna Divic said the kindergarten excursion represented far more than a trip to a bakery for the class of 10.
“It’s an engaging and hands-on learning experience that enables children to apply and see first-hand what we have been learning at kindergarten,” Ms Divic said.
“It will help develop their understanding of early maths concepts such as measuring ingredients and temperatures.
“Experiences like these are so important because it introduces children to early maths concepts before they transition to school and start formally learning and start applying these concepts.” 
Research shows a child's ability to understand and use maths is boosted by engaging experiences.

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