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Miss Kirsten can’t climb trees: Little Mountain staff appraisals

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Miss Kirsten is very nice, gives great cuddles and is extremely helpful, but she can’t climb trees.

That’s the verdict from kindergarten children at Goodstart Little Mountain Mark Road West, when they were asked to appraise the performance of the centre’s staff.

Luckily for Miss Kirsten, her difficulties were well and truly offset by skills in opening the door, fixing stuff and, for one particular child “helping when I need to share with Frank’.

The children’s honesty in their responses created many smiles among staff and families at the centre but as kindergarten teacher Suzy Fletcher explained, there was a serious side to the exercise as well.

“We place a lot of value in building our children’s sense of belonging and agency, so we asked them for their feedback to get their perspective on our people and program,” Miss Fletcher said.

“Providing this sort of feedback helps children to reflect on the different roles we all play in the centre, and understand that they have rights and they are heard.”

The highlights of the feedback include:

What do you like about your teacher?
  • She is so nice
  • She takes us outside
  • She gives us cuddles
  • She plays with me a lot
  • She is good at looking for birds
  • I love her
  • She stops us climbing the fence
What is your teacher good at?
  • Opening the fridge
  • Building sandcastles
  • Riding bikes
  • Fixing stuff
  • Doing roly polys
What is your teacher not good at?
  • Making paper planes
  • Sometimes she doesn’t cut properly
  • The obstacle course
  • Painting
How does your teacher make you feel special?
  • She makes me very, very, very happy
  • She plays with me all the time
  • She gives us hugs
  • She helps me when I need to share with Frank
“The responses are funny of course, but it’s been interesting to see how our educators are viewed by the children, where in the day we’re most important to them, and the experiences they look forward to with each of us,” Miss Fletcher said.

“Considering our program from the children’s perspective helps us to stay focused on being child-led and ensure children are engaged and developing a love of learning.”
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