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Monart method a hit with children

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Teaching children to draw has been an eye-opening experience for author/artist Jenny Wood.

The Victorian-based artist, whose daughter Sophie works at Goodstart Narre Warren South in Victoria, has been visiting the centre to teach the Monart drawing concept.

A Monart class provides a non-competitive environment that promotes success and self-esteem. It teaches children to see the world around them in five elements of shape and helps them develop the skills needed to translate what they see to paper.

The system was developed in 1979 and is considered an academic program incorporating focus and concentration, sequence planning and development of hand-eye coordination.

Ms Wood visits the centre every fortnight and engages in classes with kindergarten children (see before and after artworks below).

“I came across the method of teaching quite recently and have since been in touch with the woman who developed it Mona Brookes. Since then I’ve organised to spend a week with her learning all about it in California,” Jenny said.

She said university research had shown that the method could increase children’s numeracy and literacy skills.

Educator Sophie Wood (Jenny’s daughter) said the children had learnt new vocabulary, concepts and challenged and encouraged the children to think more deeply about their art and the way they visualisee their world.

She said educators’ theories on drawing were challenged as the children learnt about the drawing process.

“We were absolutely amazed at the outcome of the one hour session with her. It’s been fantastic to have her here and all of the parents have been really stoked to see the results,” Sophie said.

“It’s a way in which the children can learn to draw and understand how to use shapes to create pictures.”

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