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Mud and children a winning combination

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When it rains at Goodstart Tatton, it’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially for the children.

It means an influx of new, glorious mud to play in.

A mud pit was established at the centre in 2012 and provides an environment where the children can explore, create and discover through lots of messy play.

The children learn through their own spontaneous experiences as well as planned activities - maths skills are learnt when the children are taught measuring and counting. They are learning literacy skills - through discussions and questioning; and by manipulating objects they learn cause and effect through exploring textures and forms. 

Goodstart Tatton centre director Melanie Swan said the mud pit challenged the children physically, mentally and emotionally.

“They engage in active play through hands on experiences and taking physical risks, they investigate creative design and construction and use their imaginations through dramatic play with their peers,” Ms Swan said.
“Individuality is encouraged, and children are given space to explore whatever grabs their interest, with educators always close by to extend their knowledge and thinking when the opportunity arises,” she said. 
“The children make friendships, solve problems, engage in discussions, take risks, tackle challenges, share resources, participate in group learning, ask questions and listen to others; all skills which assist children in becoming socially and academically ready for school.”
Goodstart’s Preschool Program has a strong emphasis on building social and thinking skills, language and independence with the right mix of fun, structured learning and physical activity. It is delivered by a degree-qualified teachers in a safe, nurturing environment where the child’s experience is paramount. 
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