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No two days the same at Mackay centre

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If you talk to any of the educators at Goodstart Mackay – Shakespeare Street they will tell you no two days are ever the same and the children love it.
That’s because the Exceeding National Quality Standard rated centre and its early learning programming responds to the diverse knowledge, ideas, culture, interests and abilities of children which are constantly evolving.
Centre director Amanda Tomlinson said while there were set daily routines, the early learning experiences offered change each day to create interest, engagement and variety for children. 
“Physical indoor and outdoor learning environments are so important for a child’s learning and development,” Ms Tomlinson said.
“Our educators firstly design and organise our learning environments to promote access and participation by children of all ages and abilities. This means every child no matter their age or ability can find, use and return materials and equipment independently.
“Outdoor furniture and equipment is arranged each day to engage children in activities of their choice such as watering plants, searching for butterflies and caterpillars or viewing the growth of the strawberries in our garden.”
She said that furniture, equipment, play materials and supplies are important as they foster engaging learning opportunities, provoking curiosity and enriching children’s explorations and interactions.
As part of its programming approach, educators are always identify opportunities to extend each child’s thinking to enrich their learning experiences.
“On a visit to our centre you will see educators and children engaging in two-way conversations and interactions about what is happening around them, why things happen and what can be learned.
“Educators will also help facilitate children to engage with each other as they learn so much through their peers and during play.”  
Goodstart educators are passionate about making sure each day counts in knowledge that a child’s first five years are vitally important, she said.
“We are continuously seeking to go above and beyond to achieve the best learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for children,” she said.
“Each child has an individual learning plan which we collaborate with families about,” she said.
“Our educators are in constant communication with families, keeping them updated about their child’s learning and development.
“With our kindergarten children, their school readiness is strengthened by transition program with the local primary school. We have an excellent relationship with the local school with our early childhood teacher maintaining regular contact.”
The centre works on its excellent community and family relationships too.
“Our families’ trust us,” she said. 
“They come to us seeking advice and support including when facing difficult situations at home or work.”  
The centre facilitates connections with local community groups and organisations and in some cases sources help and assistance for these families in need.
“We also have two certified Triple P – Positive Parenting Program educators, which is a parenting and family support system.”
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