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NSW Labor commits to increased funding for preschool

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The NSW election is hotting up with big news for parents – if elected on March 23 the NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley says he will make some major improvements to early education.

NSW Labor is promising to double the funding for children accessing preschool programs in the year before school in long day care centres and extending the funding to three-year-olds for the first time.

Labor is also committing to spending $292 million on a fund to increase the number of children attending early education and a further $18 million on trialling a specialist intervention program for children who need more support.

And for educators there’s a commitment to spend $5 million on a mentoring and professional development program.

The big announcement was made at our Pendle Hill centre – with the help of some very excited early learners. 

Goodstart CEO Julia Davison says the announcement is very positive for all children in NSW

 “We know that the ages of three to five are critical to brain development and that children who have attended two years of quality play-based learning make the best transitions to school,” she said.

“At the moment NSW has the lowest participation rate of children in preschool in the year before school of any state.

“One in three three-year-olds are not participating in early learning.

“The policy announced today would be a major step in addressing this by supporting improved access to quality preschool programs in both long day care centres and preschools, with additional support for children facing disadvantage and for the early learning workforce,” she said.

Goodstart is part of the Launch into Learning campaign calling on all parties to support two years of quality early learning for all children.

Last year, the NSW Coalition Government announced a phased extension to preschool funding for three-year-olds attending community preschools, while that was good news for the 17 per cent of three-year-olds who attend community preschools, it left out the 83 per cent of three-year-olds who attend preschool programs in long day care centres.

“We want all parties to make a commitment that every, single child has access to two-years play-based learning to launch into their educational journey,” Ms Davison said.

“By supporting the Launch into Learning campaign – led by the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia – you can help urge all parties to support our early learners in the two years before school.

It’s quick and easy to support the Launch into Learning, click here.
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