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Physical and emotional safety on the agenda

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A program aimed at teaching children about physical and emotional safety culminated in a visit from the local fire station at Goodstart Griffith – Coolah Street recently.

The Safe Start, Safe Future curriculum encourages children to learn about personal space, body awareness, relaxation techniques, self-esteem, how to deal with an emergency, and how different people in the community can help us.

During the visit, the children and educators had the opportunity to sit and look inside the fire truck, listen to the sirens and use the fire hose to water the garden.

Centre director Sarah Brownlie said the visit helped the children to understand people in the community can help them.

“The fire fighters talked about what to do in the case of a fire. They got into full uniform and explained how each piece of clothing keeps them safe so that the children wouldn’t have to be scared,” Ms Brownlie said. 

The seven-week program assists educators and parents to work together to help children take the adventurous risks essential to their growth and development, secure in the knowledge that there are adults "holding a safety net" for them.

More visits from the emergency services will be planned to support the childrens' learnings about people in their community and the world in which they live.

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