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Rescue dogs unite team at Tumbi Umbi

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A regular fitness routine has been sparked at Goodstart Tumbi Umbi after the team volunteered to support a local charity dedicated to finding homes for rescue dogs.

The group, Rescue Your Fitness, raises awareness for dogs in shelters by encouraging volunteers to take them for walks and talk about their experience on social media.

Tumbi Umbi centre director Carlie Chamings decided to support the charity as both a community initiative and a team exercise.

“There’s a lack of awareness of the need for permanent and foster homes for animals, and as a team, it was also a positive way in which we could improve our fitness.

“Walking the dogs and getting out into nature has been good for the team and it gives the dogs a better quality of life while they’re impounded.

“We post pictures of the dogs we’ve walked on social media to encourage people to adopt instead of shop for pets”.

Educators at the centre have also engaged their families for support and to help drive awareness of the dogs.

“Our families have been donating towels, bedding and dog food to ensure the animals could be properly cared for. It’s been a real whole-of-centre effort.”

The centre is now holding regular walks with Rescue Your Fitness to continue raising awareness and funds, while educators at the centre have also started their own fitness routine.

“We are so proud of the way this has brought our team together,” Ms Chamings said.

“The dedication that the educators and their families showed to not only rescuing their own fitness but enhancing the lives of these animals has been fantastic.

“One of our educators has lost 15kg since we started. It’s made her a fitter, more energetic person both at home and in a professional capacity.

“Improving our fitness while supporting a local charity has been an amazing experience. It’s made a difference to our lives and we hope the lives and outcomes of the dogs, too.”
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