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Scale matters when it comes to early learning

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It’s no secret that the childcare industry is a lucrative business.

So it might surprise some that the largest provider in Australia, with 7% market share, is Goodstart Early Learning – a not-for-profit social enterprise.

With 644 centres across Australia, Goodstart is the only early learning provider operating in every state and territory.

Scale and quality
Six years on from the much-publicised collapse of ABC Learning, Goodstart is proving that scale and quality can be achieved.

The proportion of Goodstart centres now meeting or above the National Quality Standard has more than doubled since our inception in 2010, rising from just 45% to 93% today.

Resources and expertise that only a national network can provide
One of the benefits of being part of a large organisation like Goodstart is the resources and support that is available to its employees and families.

Across the Goodstart network, there are more than 40 child and family practitioners, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and social inclusion coordinators working with centres and families to provide guidance and support with any learning, development or behavioural concerns they may have.

This includes specialist one-on-one support for children who need it most.

Alongside this, all Goodstart employees have access to online resources, webinars, case studies and professional development opportunities to help them find the best approach to support each individual child and their family.

Goodstart attracts some of the brightest minds in early childhood development and education, including program managers and early learning consultants who design and deliver tailored mentoring and professional development opportunities to meet the needs of individual centres.

Well connected
The breadth of knowledge and expertise within Goodstart extends beyond Australia, as the organisation partners with academics and other thought leaders in New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the United States.

Each year, Goodstart hosts an international panel of thought-leaders in Australia to discuss the most innovative ideas in early learning and childhood development.

As a result, the practice within Goodstart’s 651 centres is constantly evolving.

Goodstart is focused on continuing to improve quality across its network, whilst demonstrating that it is possible to operate a large-scale not-for-profit in a doggedly competitive commercial industry.

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