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Storypark boosts relationships

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Relationships with children and families are the fundamentals of quality early learning and great outcomes for children. But while both educators and parents can try their best to communicate and share experiences, life often gets in the way and learning opportunities can be missed.

Technology is a huge part of our professional and personal lives now—it influences how we work, how we learn, and importantly how we communicate and connect with others. That’s why Goodstart is investing in a new online platform called Storypark that will give parents the opportunity to share what’s happening at home, see what’s happening in the centre, and provide real-time feedback to educators.
What is Storypark?

Storypark is a secure, private online community in which educators, parents, and family members work together to respond to children’s learning captured via images, audio, video, and text. We’ll be rolling it out to all of our centres across Australia over the next 12 months.

You can see more about why we’ve chosen to use Storypark here:

Storypark - Why Goodstart is using Storypark from Goodstart Media on Vimeo.

How it works

Any time of day, families can log on to their Storypark account (either via a computer, tablet, or the smartphone app) to read the learning documentation their child’s educators have produced and see photos of their child’s day.

Families can use this information to extend the learning at home. They can also document activities happening at home that educators can use to inform their programming.

Families can also invite others to join their child’s account, like grandparents, friends, and health professionals. When their child moves on to school, all of the information can be taken with them to help support the transition.
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