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Support when needed at Goodstart Campbelltown

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Providing practical support to families affected by domestic violence is a priority at Goodstart Campbelltown.

Centre director Christian Gava has worked hard to ensure the centre has strong relationships with organisations and agencies that support families affected by domestic violence. 

Through a relationship with the Campbelltown Domestic Violence Unit, Goodstart Campelltown developed strong connections with other government departments and agencies supporting the community in areas like mental health and child protection. 

Centre director Christian Gava said she wanted any community connections to be as meaningful and purposeful as possible.

“I didn’t want anything tokenistic and we have all worked really hard to provide practical support and make connections that are ingrained in our service,” she said. 

“We always want to help in the most practical ways we can.”

Goodstart Campbelltown is the referral point for families from the Campbelltown Domestic Violence Unit and staff at the centre assist families referred to them to access the ACCS (the child care subsidy for families who have found themselves in vulnerable situations). 

“We also offer practical in-centre support including community pantry, community clothes swap and community library,” Ms Gava said. 

“And we have worked with the local Men’s Shed to have two wooden houses made and bolted to the floor outside the centre. We have filled these with supplies so families who might need to flee, or find themselves without somewhere to stay or without money, can access these supplies 24 hours a day.”

Ms Gava said her entire team were dedicated to helping make their children and families’ lives happier.

“It is easy to support a family that you know is dealing with domestic violence. When they are referred to us from an agency and we know they need support we can provide it,” she said.

“What I want us to get to is being able to identify it before we know about it. How do we help stop it before it gets to crisis point? I feel very passionate about learning to see the signs and offer support- no matter what that support is.” 

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