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Therapy team takes time out to visit Goodstart Magill

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A speech pathologist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist will join the team at Goodstart Magill on September 18th from 6-7pm to hold a parent information session about their services for children.

The three, Gemma Hepburn, Heather Ferguson and Julianne Gill from The Studio in Glynde, are passionate about working with children and their parents in the early years and believe it is essential in helping a child reach their maximum potential.

Speech pathologist Ms Gill said early identification of developmental difficulties could have a major impact on children’s outcomes.

“Too often children’s difficulties are not identified until they reach school resulting in many missed opportunities in the younger years to reduce or prevent more complex difficulties in the future,” Ms Gill said.

Centre director Bianca Edom said the centre believed early intervention could provide the best outcomes for children.

“And by offering these services at our centre, we’re helping parents who may not know where to go to get help, with experts in their fields,” Ms Edom said.

“Being a social enterprise means we exist to help create better lives for our children and families and by running these dedicated programs, we’re ensuring families don’t miss out on quality early learning, and have a network of people and services to support them.”

The information session aims to offer parents the chance to discuss any concerns with the Therabees team, and then organise a consultation for further treatment.

Topics to be covered include milestones to monitor, when to be concerned and handy hints for parents.

Tips for parents with concerns about their children:
  • Speech: If you watch and observe your child and notice they are not talking or interacting as well as many of their peers, talk to a speech pathologist about your concerns. This will either put your mind at ease or give you the information needed to decide what to do next,” Ms Gill said.
  • Physiotherapy: “Each milestone in the early years leads into the next one. Don’t let you child skip a milestone as each step is important for learning how to interact with the environment. Rolling is important for developing the vestibular system which is used for balance and crawling develops early coordination,” Ms Hepburn said. “The two steps are sometimes skipped by children which can have a negative effect of typical motor development.”
  • Occupational therapy: “Colouring and drawing in the early years will help to develop hand-eye coordination, hand grip strength which develops fine motor skills,” Ms Ferguson said. “This important early step helps children to later learn letter formation for handwriting.”
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