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What has your child been doing today?

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A plan to ensure children take responsibility for their achievements, and provide information to parents, has resulted in the introduction of I’m Done Jars at Goodstart Pascoe Vale West.

Every day the children and educators add a description of an experience they have had at the centre into the jam jar, and parents can read them at the end of the day.

Centre director Tanya Tanti said the use of the jars provided families with an idea of the experiences and activities their children participated in daily.

“The parents can then use this knowledge to have conversations at home with their children about their day,” Ms Tanti said.

“A description of each experience is provided for the families and completion of each experience is identified by a different coloured icy pole stick in their jars.”

Ms Tanti said the method aimed to help parents and children enjoy conversations about the day.

Goodstart Early Learning senior speech pathologist Tiffany Goss said the I’m Done Jars could help parents research their child’s day before instigating conversations.

“When you pick your child up at the end of the day, have a read of their daily learning journal, or check the I’m Done Jars, to find out how they’ve been engaged.” Ms Goss said.

“Have a chat to their educator to hear about what they’ve been doing and learning. Showing a specific interest in what they have been doing while away from you provides an opportunity for them to convey their thoughts, feelings and ideas."

She said parents can use the Strive for 5 strategy which includes observing, waiting, listening and responding to your child through questions, statements and reactions.

The Strive for Five strategy involves parents taking part in a five-step (or more) conversation with their child – in other words, having five turns in a conversation using words and non-verbal responses, such as facial expressions and gesture.

“It’s a simple and effective communication tool that gives parents the skills to help children learn language and can amplify children’s development,” Ms Goss said. “It’s about active listening and pausing and letting the child respond to questions or statements.”
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