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What to expect from 3 year-old kinder

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Forget the images of whiteboards and school books - at Goodstart Early Learning, 3 year-old kindergarten children develop a love of learning through purposeful play.
As funded kinder for 3 year-olds is rolled out across Victoria, Goodstart continues to provide quality programs to the state’s children, supporting them as they get ready for school.
Madeleine Saffigna the Victorian Head of Practice Improvement, said Goodstart Teachers and Educators always look forward to welcoming new children and families to participate in kindergarten.
“Goodstart has provided quality early learning experiences to children up to school-age for over 10 years. So we are very experienced in supporting 3 year-olds to develop the skills they need for school and life” Madeleine said.
“Our programs are developed and run by university-qualified Early Childhood Teachers, who ensure children are learning cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills. We also start integrating literacy and maths throughout our creative, stimulating play-based learning programs.”
Goodstart understands that children learn best through play-based learning which we develop individually for each child making learning meaningful and fun.
“Play-based learning not only engages young minds, but allows children to learn the importance of resilience, social competence, and empathy, while being actively engaged in physical activities.”
There are benefits to families enrolling children in a Goodstart kindergarten. Goodstart centres provide continuity of care, developing a program for your child from nursery until they attend school. This means we know your child and family really well and can tailor our programs to your individual needs. Goodstart centres provide flexibility for working families, including 9-hour, 10-hour, and all-day sessions. Unlike many school-based or independent kindergartens, we’re able to offer our programs five days a week, 52 weeks a year, which allows more parents more options to participate in the workforce or care for other children.
Victorian Goodstart Early Learning centres also have on-site cooks who prepare nutritious meals for children, easing the burden on busy families, while centre support team members are available to help families navigate the child care subsidy system.
“That’s probably the greatest benefit of enrolling your child in kinder at Goodstart - you don’t just have the support of your centre team, but the support of an entire network of people across Australia who put your children at the heart of everything we do.”
Kinder starts at 3, which gives your child an extra year of quality play-based learning with their friends. Ensuring they are ready for school and life.
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