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Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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A hands-on mathematics and science lesson at Goodstart Hassall Grove has culminated in the hatching of 12 chickens.

As part of their science and maths studies, kindergarten children at the centre have been taking part in a farm animal study, learning where food comes from and lifecycle of animals.

The children then explored maths and science concepts through cookin and were visited by two university students who told them all about growing food on farms. The eggs arrived soom after, and the children and educators kept them warm in an incubator.

Centre director Amanda Thorburn said the eggs provided many learning opportunities for the children.

“They used their skills of prediction to work out which egg would hatch first, and practiced counting by tallying the votes for the chickens’ suggested names which included; ‘Rodger’,  ‘Sultana’, and ‘Nugget’,” she said.

Now that the chickens have hatched, the children care for them, making sure they are warm and the food and water bowls are kept full.

The chickens have provided opportunities for the educators to talk about using gentle hands when holding and patting them. Once the chicks are old enough, the preschool children will help set up the coop and mentor the toddlers on how to care for them.

Goodstart Hassall Grove will keep two of the chickens permanently at the centre, and two will be adopted by Goodstart Plumpton, with the remainder returning to the farm to live free range.

The project has led to further interest from the children wanting to understand what other animals come from eggs, which the educators are encouraging and exploring with the children.
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