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Why will Goodstart work for you?

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Did you know that when you walk through the doors of a Goodstart Early Learning centre, you and your child become our number one priority?

It’s not just about ensuring we have a place for your child, it’s about building a deep connection with your family to create strong, safe and secure relationships

Our centres focus on the key educator approach, and Goodstart New Lambton centre director Lauren West said research revealed the method had many benefits in children’s early learning experiences.

Ms West said before implementing the key educator approach, she undertook consultation with families and additional training provided by Goodstart.

Children are the focus of the key educator method

The Goodstart Practice Guide encourages the approach to ensure sensitive care-giving that builds a secure relationship between children and their educators.

Each child has one key educator who takes the lead role and responsibility for their   daily care and learning experiences, becoming the secure base for the child within the centre.
In addition to building a strong relationship with a small group of children, the key educator takes responsibility for:
  • Keeping records on developmental progress
  • Meeting with the family
  • Conducting most of the daily routines including mealtimes, toileting routines and settling for naps
“The key educator approach gives each family one educator to talk to who deeply understands their family and child,” Ms West said.

“It supports the building of strong, secure and communicative relationships between the child, the family and the centre, and we know that there is always someone in the centre the family can rely upon to understand their uniqueness, habits and rituals, cultural beliefs and preferences. 

“It helps to reduce stress in children and promotes social and emotional wellbeing, healthy brain development and better learning outcomes.”

We’re getting to know you

Ms West said since implementing the approach, relationships between educators, families and children were vastly improved.

“When a child starts at the centre they are introduced to their key educator who will look after them while they are at the centre. This has helped us get to know new families and children more closely. After a couple of months of implementing the approach, we started seeing the benefits,” she said.

Ms West said the team have also introduced small group areas which allow the children and their educators to be engaged in different experiences for occasions such as meal and nap times.   

“We’ve also engaged in a lot of work around the circle of security and attachment theory enabling us to provide a secure base for children and families in our care,” Ms West said.

Help for all of our families

The centre has recently hosted psychologist Jenni Gilmour at the centre who spoke to families about emotion coaching, and managing behaviours via a strong connection and relationships.

“We began working on these practises about two and a half years ago as part of a commitment to build stronger relationships and connections with families and children.”

Ms West said she now plans to set up a playgroup at a local public school, alongside Goodstart Broadmeadow centre director Mel Wall.

“It’s still in the early planning stages but I’d like to offer the children who don’t have access to early learning the chance to join in,” she said.
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