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Early Learning & Childcare at Goodstart

At Goodstart, we are committed to giving every child the best possible start in life. Our quality early learning programs help children build the social-emotional, language and thinking skills they need to be successful in school and life. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, experience, and above-all have fun. Give your child the best start in life with Goodstart.

  • Nardine


    "Lovely early learning centre. We started sending our daughter there when she was 11 months old and although the first 3 months were hard for her, she now has turned a corner read more and loves the centre. She is learning so much from being there and her confidence and curiosity is expanding. The staff are very friendly and always communicate openly with us. I love that they send us emails with the highlights of the day and photos of our little one."

  • Mitzi


    "Goodstart Rowville is a fabulous centre! It means the world to be to leave my little one in the hands of highly experienced, dedicated staff and in a warm and caring read more environment. The Educators and Director are very approachable, organised and excelling human beings; they really care about kids and have nothing but the best interest of the families and children in mind. Parents and grandparents can receive fantastic photos of the kids in action almost every day showing their enjoyment and creativity during the daily activities! This is a place my family can count on. "

  • Brooke A


    "My daughters both attended Goodstart Euroa from the baby room through to their kinder years. At the end of this year, we will be leaving the centre and my youngest will start read more the next chapter at school. Our time at the centre has been absolutely wonderful. We have kept a relationship with all the educators the girls have had over each year. Someone is always available to help or answer questions. Leaving the girls (even on some hard drop offs) has always been made easier when an educator is always free for a cuddle and some kind words to settle the girls. They are now ready for school after all the skills they have learned in this safe family environment. We will miss our centre very much. Thank you. "

  • Hannah


    "My child started at Goodstart when she was 3 years old. She is now 5 and leaving to go to school. She has loved her time at Goodstart Euroa and has learnt and grown so much in read more those 2 and a half years. All the educators are amazing and as a family we have all felt so welcomed and part of a lovely educational nurturing centre. "

  • Jade


    "My daughter has attended Goodstart Euroa since I returned to work when she was 13 months old. I was given plenty of encouragement and support and made to feel at ease with read more leaving her in the care of the nursery staff at the centre. She has progressed through all the rooms at the centre and is now in the 4 year old kinder program preparing for her transition to school. She has loved her teachers and the routine and stability has been integral for her development. She is a smart and confident child however is also very sensitive and I have found the staff to be very caring and understanding of all the children’s individual personalities. We have had a very positive experience at Goodstart Euroa and I am very grateful for the learning opportunities and care they have provided for my daughter. I would recommend Goodstart to anyone looking for a reputable early learning centre to place their children in. "

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