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What teachers are saying

Meet our teachers

Goodstart’s Kindergarten & Preschool Program is delivered by university qualified teachers who are passionate about learning outcomes for all children in our centres. They provide each child with a personalised approach to learning based on their specific needs and interests.

Let’s hear directly from teachers who are delivering one of Goodstart’s Kindergarten & Preschool programs across Australia – who sum up what our program is all about.

“The kindergarten and preschool program is vital in developing a child’s social skills to prepare them for school as we really want them to have the confidence to go to school.” 
Goodstart Kindergarten Teacher


“I really enjoy teaching this age group they’re uninhibited, they’re honest, they’re just developing their sense of humour and I really want them to learn and want to learn.”
Goodstart Preschool Teacher


“It’s very important for a child to be independent and learn to be independent as independence really boosts their confidence.”
Goodstart Kindergarten Teacher



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