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Parents from all walks of life benefit from positive parenting

Child development

A quiet revolution is under way in Caboolture as parents turn to a national program offering free positive parenting support and advice to families in the community.

Leading the charge is Tess Barry, long-term Caboolture resident, mother, and early childhood professional with 25 years’ experience. Ms Barry is the centre director at Goodstart Caboolture Smiths Road and a facilitator of the internationally-recognised Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

She has delivered four Triple P seminars to 40 families in the local area in the past four months, and the demand is growing.

“The response has just been incredible and the feedback has been so positive, I’ve already got two seminars locked in for early next year. I think the Triple P program is so effective because it takes the guesswork out of parenting through offering simple, practical strategies. We also run the seminars in a comfortable and friendly setting, and there is no judgement, just support,” Ms Barry said.

“What we are seeing is that positive parenting helps parents to feel more confident in their parental role and is helping to reduce some of the stress that comes with being a parent or carer.

“We also know positive parenting helps children to develop into young adults who are confident and resilient, who engage well with others, and who have fewer behavioural and emotional challenges, so it’s a win-win for everyone,” she said.

Triple P has been tested with thousands of families over more than 35 years and has more evidence to back it up and show it works than any other parenting program in the world.

It helps guide parents through common developmental periods of their child’s life, whether they have some small concerns or are experiencing full-blown toddler tantrums and other challenging behaviours.

“I definitely don’t claim to be the holder of all knowledge when it comes to parenting, as every parents’ experiences will be different, however I do draw on my lengthy experience in the early learning sector and my experience as a mother to help offer examples to complement the practical strategies offered through Triple P,” she said.

Ms Barry is just one of more than 100 early childhood educators from Goodstart who have been trained to deliver to deliver Triple P seminars across Queensland as part of a unique Australian-first partnership between Triple P Goodstart Early Learning.

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