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Goodstart Rothwell’s kindergarten class have put on their chef hats to learn about the process of bread baking as they headed off on a community excursion to their local bakery ‘Bake n Go’ at Rothwell.   Children learnt what happens when water is added to flour and got the...
Introducing maths concepts in early education pays dividends for a child’s school readiness and life, says Goodstart’s early childhood educator Lisa Palethorpe. Research shows that a child’s informal number sense when they enter school provides a foundation for school maths...
It might surprise you, but young children show great interest in mathematic and scientific concepts. They begin, early in life to understand the notions of time and measurement, cause and effect, identify number patterns, and recognise different shapes. Being able to solve ...
A hands-on mathematics and science lesson at Goodstart Hassall Grove has culminated in the hatching of 12 chickens. As part of their science and maths studies, kindergarten children at the centre have been taking part in a farm animal study, learning where food comes from a...
Cardboard guitars, ice cream container drums and rice shakers have taken over at Goodstart Early Learning Rowville as a program teaching music and movement takes off. Planned as an extension of children’s learning outcomes, the program educators are using intentional teac...
Early learning should be a time for exploration through play-based learning, despite what the creators of baby learning apps would have you believe, according to Goodstart Early Learning’s Heather Finlayson. She was commenting on the launch of a new app called Baby Mathleti...
When it rains at Goodstart Tatton , it’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially for the children. It means an influx of new, glorious mud to play in. A mud pit was established at the centre in 2012 and provides an environment where the children can explore, create and...
Stepping up to Toddlers Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity. Learning through their everyday routines, this is the age when children start to become aware of their independence. We talk to you to get your insight into your child’s interests and needs, so we can plan t...
Gross motor skills refer to ‘big’ movements, for example the movement and coordination of arms, legs and other large body parts. Swimming, running, jumping are all examples of gross motor skills. Fine motor skills on the other hand, refer to the movements of the small muscl...
A two-year-old's world is full of big ideas to discover, explore and learn. Children of this age group are eager to use their newly-discovered independence and so a program to help them find opportunities for starting conversations, sharing ideas, finding out about their envir...
Cooking is not only fun, but it provides a wealth of learning opportunities for children. Cooking requires children to think about maths and science concepts, planning, thinking, and time management. It’s also one of the best ways to learn about healthy eating and nutrition. ...
Goodstart’s dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program is designed by our experienced early learning educators. Goodstart’s program is based on the knowledge that children are natural learners, and that each child develops at their own pace. Unlike outdated programs of previous g...
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Giving a child a good start on their learning journey is all about teaching them a wide range of essential skills. Delivered through our play-based learning approach , we place a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional skills which are essential for success in l...
Spending time researching, listening to iBooks and becoming familiar with technology are all becoming important aspects of the modern day early learning. As we celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week from August 29-September 4, it’s interesting to note the Early Years...
Children who attend kindergarten or preschool have higher literacy and numeracy scores and are more socially and emotionally mature than those who don’t, according to a new study. A child’s informal number sense when they enter school provides a foundation for school maths ...
Every parent wants to give their child the best possible start in life. But what does that actually mean when it comes to early learning programs for your child? Well, according to recent research a quality kindergarten or preschool year can guard against learning difficu...
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It is the out-of-place sound that makes people stop and listen. That is the behaviour a business-led advocacy group is using to encourage greater government funding into childhood early learning. ReadyNation is an international business organisation of executives focusse...
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