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Vacation care

Goodstart's school holiday programs are designed to stimulate inquisitive minds.

Specific to each centre, vacation care offers activity-based programs developed by qualified educators. It is an opportunity for your child to make new friends and socialise with other children.

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Goodstart offers vacation care for children aged 5-12 years at selected centres. Vacation care is an opportunity for your child to make new friends and socialise with other children of different ages and diverse backgrounds. Our activity-based programs are developed by qualified educators, aimed at providing a wide variety of experiences for children to learn and play.  


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Every day at vacation care is different, with fun and inspiring age-appropriate activities for children. Our fun and educational program uses the “My Time, Our Place” framework with a focus on learning through play and leisure, where children are challenged to be curious about their interests. 
Our vacation care programs are specific to each centre and include a variety of experiences ranging from excursions into the community as well as incursions to the centre. We offer a variety of physical activities, project work and more. Your local Goodstart Centre Director will develop an engaging weekly program for each school holiday period. 
To find out about Goodstart vacation care services offered near you during the school holidays, get in touch with our Family Support Team today on  1800 222 543


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