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A great start for babies: Helping your baby develop the foundations they need

A great start for babies: Helping your baby develop the foundations they need

Babies are born ready to learn – they observe their surroundings and absorb every experience, making vital connections in their brain. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, and each new experience or encounter helps lay the foundations for their development as they grow.

Every parent wants to help their child learn and grow in the best possible way. Here’s a quick overview on how to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Interact with your baby

When your child is an infant, they learn through everyday activities and routines. Faces, colours, shapes and noises are all fascinating, and all of these offer your baby the chance to learn about the world around them.

Each element of their life, whether it’s changing a nappy, feeding, cuddling, waking up or going to sleep is an experience that helps your baby learn about moving, communicating, understanding their surroundings and forming relationships with other people.

Learn their cues

Knowing your baby can help you identify good times to interact and good times to wind down play. Look for bright eyes, smiles, an alert expression and active limbs to engage your baby. When they have had enough, they will let you know – you may notice them yawning, getting fussy, crying or getting distracted easily.

Develop their relationships with carers

Having a strong sense of belonging and community helps babies develop an understanding that the world is a safe place that is full of love. By ensuring your baby bonds with other important people in their life, whether that’s siblings, your partner or early learning professionals, they are able to feel safe and cared for, no matter where they are or who is with them.

Giving your baby a great start in life is really all about loving them and spending time with them. You don’t need fancy flash cards and rooms filled with toys – talk to your baby, sing to them and cuddle them and you will be teaching them everything they need to make it through their early years. 


Posted by Goodstart
04 September 2015

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