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What is a Goodstart EChO Centre?

What is a Goodstart EChO Centre?

Our enhancing children’s outcomes (EChO) approach is delivered in communities where children and families are more experiencing vulnerability.

Along with the services we provide to all children and families at Goodstart, we have also invested in additional services and support in communities that face disadvantage to achieve better outcomes for children now and in school and in life.

In 40 of our centres at Goodstart we have invested in more resources, practice improvement, teaching and learning, allied health services and outreach to local community services that support children and families, to make even more difference.

This is on top of our usual, universal base of high quality, inclusive early learning that is a focus of every centre in our network.

We know that for some children, families and centres we need to invest more to achieve the outcomes we would want for every child, family, educator and community.

That is why we have invested in EChO - to demonstrate what works and who it works for.

That is why working at an EChO centre is so rewarding - more investment where it is needed with a team of passionate people who support each other to make a big difference in their communities.

If you want to make a difference, an EChO centre is the perfect place to work, contribute and get more professional development, more support, more coaching and huge rewards seeing children and families thrive.

View the roles available in our EChO centres.



Posted by Goodstart
08 April 2022

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