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'Two Goods' Partnership offering financial support

'Two Goods' Partnership offering financial support

The impact of COVID-19 on household budgets has been significant right across the nation and today two charities are coming together to provide financial counselling and access to No Interest Loans for tens of thousands of families and early childhood educators.
For more than 155 years, Good Shepherd has supported women, girls and families in Australia, working to increase economic security and wellbeing, build resilience, improve safety and bring about system change. Good Shepherd offers microfinance including the No Interest Loan program, financial counselling and coaching, family violence support, parenting programs and playgroups, education programs and community houses.
Goodstart Early learning is just ten years old but the not-for-profit provides 60,000 families with high quality early learning in centres right across Australia. The organisation employs more than 15,000 educators and teachers.
Goodstart’s CEO, Julia Davison, said that she had become increasingly concerned about the financial stress on many Goodstart families and some educators.
“It has been a long few months of turmoil and uncertainty and I am very glad that we’re able to partner with Good Shepherd who can offer Goodstarters and our families much needed financial counselling and No Interest Loans.
“Many households have been thrown into financial distress during the pandemic and being able to call just one number to seek advice and be considered for a No Interest Loan for rent or utilities will be a great help at this difficult time,” Ms Davison said.
An important part of the Household Relief program is that people get access to safe, responsible financial information and counselling, to help them build long and short-term solutions to their financial insecurity. Every person who uses the Household Relief service has a financial conversation with a Good Shepherd team member who is experienced in financial capability.
Good Shepherd’s CEO, Stella Avramopoulos, said, “at the heart of this program is the financial conversation. This means all Goodstart employees or families who approach us will be offered information and support aimed at helping them achieve financial wellbeing. As well as access to our specialist staff, eligible people may also consider Good Shepherd’s Household Relief No Interest Loans to assist with rent and utility bills.
“We know that this pandemic has impacted many people who have never been in financial distress before. This is why Good Shepherd is working with Goodstart’s employees and families to get through this crisis,” Ms Avramopoulos said.
Good Shepherd will be able to support Goodstart’s families and educators with:
  • Free assessment, information and counselling via a single telephone number
  • Access to Household Relief Loans Without Interest for rent and utilities (up to $3,000 if eligible)
  • Access to No interest loans for other household essentials, for example white goods, car repairs and school expenses (if eligible).
Are you a Goodstart family and interested in this offer? Download this flyer to find out how to get in contact with Good Shepherd!



Posted by Goodstart
03 August 2020

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