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Play-based learning sets children up for life

Play-based learning sets children up for life

Goodstart Early Learning says a play-based approach to learning is key to providing young children with the skills and development that will set them up for school life and beyond.

Goodstart WA state manager Todd Dawson said evidence showed play-based learning in a high-quality environment provided the best possible start in life for all children.

“As an organisation we are very proud of our play-based curriculum. This is the foundation of our approach to early learning and Goodstart has embedded this in all its centres since our beginning almost a decade ago.” he said.

This week the WA teachers’ union called for more play-based learning in schools for children under 8 and less focus on formal testing and assessment.

Mr Dawson said play-based learning focused on the processes children embark on rather than achieving specific outcomes.

“Through play and active exploration, children’s brains are shaped and critical skills such as creativity, communication, problem solving, resilience, emotional regulation and relationship building are developed.

pedagogy and practice general manager Sue Robb said the focus of the organisation’s programming and practice was to ensure children gained the most benefit from participating in high quality early learning.

“As an early learning provider we are child-centred and deliver and our teaching and learning trough a play-based curriculum which we know prepares children for school and life,” Ms Robb said.

WA’s Kindergarten Program provides age-appropriate, play-based learning within a long early learning environment which launches children into a life of learning.

“The early years is the time when building a child’s confidence through learning and play enables them to become passionate, curious and active learners,” Mr Dawson said.


Posted by Goodstart
21 August 2019

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