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Goodstart supports its people to create great learning outcomes

Goodstart supports its people to create great learning outcomes

Creating high-quality learning experiences for children means educators and teachers also need the opportunity to continuously learn and develop their skills. To recognise National Skills Week, Goodstart’s Chief Learning Officer, Jason Renshaw, explains how Goodstart is investing in their people’s ongoing learning and development. 

At Goodstart, we provide high-quality early learning experiences to give children the best possible start in life. We understand that in order to do that really well and to be the best at it, we also need to be the best in how we support our people to learn and develop. 

As the Chief Learning Officer I believe learning has become such an essential part of what organisations need to offer employees - there’s a wealth of talent in all organisations and the competition to attract and retain that talent is becoming more and more critical. The organisations that provide the ongoing opportunities for their people to grow professionally and personally will be the ones that thrive and “win the talent war”. At Goodstart we don’t just want to attract great talent, we absolutely want to grow that talent too. 

Because we operate in a very regulated environment and need to ensure our competencies meet the National Quality Standards - our people need to have the right access to the right qualifications. Providing high-quality learning outcomes for children and families is not a simple job. 

For our educators, we see their Certificate and Diploma qualifications as just the beginning. I believe by investing heavily in very unique world-class skills and practice around pedagogy and social inclusion, we’re creating a suite of high-calibre learning programs and products that go well above what they teach students in the Certificate and Diploma courses.  

Our team of experts in Goodstart is constantly providing professional development opportunities around topics such as: creating world-class learning environments that foster children’s growth and development; and better supporting children experiencing vulnerability, those with additional needs or children with a disability. It provides our educators with ongoing learning and opportunities to build their knowledge, improve their skills, and become the best educators they can be.  

We’re also working with universities to develop pathways that enable our Diploma-qualified educators to study their Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Teaching. We want to make it easier and more feasible for people - some of whom may not engaged in formal study for some time - to help them get the skills and access they need to go on and do their Bachelor degree once they have a Diploma. 

By also thinking further ahead to postgraduate qualifications, our Bachelor-qualified educators and leaders have more unique opportunities to grow. It’s important to me to make sure we’re making it easier and viable for our people to continue to learn. We don’t just want people to stay at Goodstart, we want people to continually grow with Goodstart.  

If you'd like to find out more about career opportunities at Goodstart visit our careers page. 



Posted by Goodstart
24 August 2021

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