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Breastfeeding, toilet training and dealing with illness: Addressing your common concerns

Breastfeeding, toilet training and dealing with illness: Addressing your common concerns

As a parent, taking your child to a childcare centre can initially be quite daunting. While qualified educators and caring staff can reassure you that your child will be safe and looked after well, there are likely still many questions you have flying around your head.

Let’s look at three of the most common concerns parents have when turning to childcare for the first time.

Can I keep breastfeeding?

Absolutely. There is no reason not to continue breastfeeding when your child has started attending childcare. At Goodstart, we encourage and support mothers who do so. If possible, you are welcome to pop in and breastfeed during the day.

Alternatively, you may leave a bottle or sippy cup of expressed breast milk with our staff. Just be sure to include a label with your child’s name and a use-by date. Our educators will refrigerate and then heat the milk for drinking.

Will childcare interfere with my child’s toilet training?

Not at all. Goodstart staff understand that establishing and keeping to a routine is the key to successful toilet training. We work hard to support you in this tricky phase of child-rearing.

Speak to the director at your centre about this and they will ensure the routine you are striving to create will be followed while your child is being cared for. Sometimes our educators will even raise toilet training with you in discussion if they feel your child is ready to begin.

What happens when my child is sick?

If staff become aware that your child is ill they will contact you and to discuss if you need to collect your child.

If your child has an infectious disease, for the protection of the other children at the centre, you they may be excluded for as long as required under the Staying Healthy in Childcare Guidelines published by the Australian Government. Other parents may be informed about the occurrence in a way that protects your confidentiality.
You should not take your child to the centre if you suspect or know they have an infectious disease. Arrange for alternative care to keep them comfortable and notify the centre’s staff of the situation. We encourage children to be immunised in line with the National Immunisation Program Schedule published by the Australian Government. Regular hand washing at the Centre and at home also helps all our children remain healthy and happy.
Goodstart is committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of every child in our care. If you have any questions or worries that go beyond these three common concerns, our friendly staff would be more than happy to address these for you.

Either get in touch with your local Goodstart Early Learning centre or call us on 1800 222 543.


Posted by Goodstart
17 September 2015

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