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Improving parent and child relationships through art

Improving parent and child relationships through art

Stronger parent and child relationships have been created at Goodstart Hobart West thanks to a six-week creative arts program, trialled for the first time in an early learning environment in Tasmania.
The Parents and Kids Together (PAKT) program, facilitated by Colony 47 and Goodstart’s Early Childhood Educators, involved parents working with their children to create a joint art project for one and half hours each week at Goodstart’s Hobart West early learning and care centre.
PAKT has been running for a number of years within State schools with Goodstart Hobart West the first early learning and care centre to participate in the program.
The program ended this week, with each family proudly showcasing their masterpieces – from a castle, a tug boat to a campsite complete with tents.
Goodstart Hobart West Early Childhood Teacher Kylie Botterill said each creation represented far more than the sum of its parts – a collection of recycled materials, string, feathers, paint and glue.
“100 percent of the program’s participating parents stated their relationship with their children had improved since they started the program six weeks ago,” Kylie said.
“This is a great outcome for the program as it seeks to not only support a child’s creative expression, but facilitate and build stronger parent and child relationships through the process of team work.”
Kylie said building stronger parent and child relationships was essential to a child’s life-long success.
“Parents have an enormous influence over a child’s engagement with education,” she said.
“In the first five years it is particularly critical that parents encourage a child’s learning and development as this is when 80 percent of a child’s brain development occurs.
“Stimulating a child’s interest and participation in creative arts for example, has enormous benefit for a child’s social, cognitive and emotional development.”
Over the course of the six week team project, facilitators from Goodstart and Colony 47 supported parents to:
  • Enjoy one-on-one time with their children (while working effectively as a team)
  • Recognise and acknowledge their child’s strengths (positively supporting their ongoing development)
  • Build more effective communication skills with their child (including during challenging times)
  • Identify their emotions and their child’s, including early warning signs that can trigger these emotions to build resilience in overcoming difficulties, roadblocks or communication breakdowns (to support a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development).
Informal feedback highlighted that parents gained a better understanding of what their children were learning within Goodstart’s early learning environment and better appreciated practical ways they could encourage ongoing learning opportunities within the home environment to enhance their child’s development. 

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Posted by Goodstart
03 June 2016

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