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Employees front of mind in new Enterprise Agreement

Employees front of mind in new Enterprise Agreement

Educator Andrea Truter loves that Goodstart’s new Enterprise Agreement recognises the importance of looking after your mental health and wellbeing. She share's what the outcomes of the new EA mean for her and her colleagues at Goodstart. 

It’s not that often that someone asks you what you want, and then actually makes that happen for you… especially an employer! So I’m pretty excited about the benefits and conditions coming in under Goodstart’s new Enterprise Agreement (EA). 

It’s important to me to work for an organisation that cares about the wellbeing of its team. The new personal wellbeing days, and the change to under-roof ratios in the new EA really show that Goodstart considers and values our mental health. It shows understanding that our jobs can be challenging, and we sometimes need some extra support… I love my job, but it’s not always easy.  

Of course the pay increase is also something we have all been eager to see. Educators will be paid at least 3% above the award rate, which means that financially, I can continue doing something I love. It also sends a strong message that what we do in early childhood is just as important as what happens in schools. 

I’m still studying, so I really value flexible working. It’s something already in our culture at Goodstart Stafford Heights, but making it a more formal offering means that it’s available to me regardless of the centre I work in. Goodstart trialling rostered days off and work from home planning opportunities are all positive steps towards helping us get the work/life balance right.  

While this doesn’t affect me personally right now, I know the new offer of up to four weeks employer-funded paid parental leave and an increase in child care discounts for staff will make a real difference to my colleagues. 

It’s really heartening to feel like your employer is listening to you, and genuinely wants to make things better. The benefits and conditions being introduced are what we’ve been asking for, however what’s impressed me is how proactively it was done – they took what we said and put it into real actions.   

I love working at Goodstart because of the dedication to children and early learning, and the people who work here. They are a great employer, and this new EA just reinforces how committed they are to truly taking care of their people.  

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Posted by Goodstart
05 July 2021

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