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Kindergarten activities boost maths and science skills

Kindergarten activities boost maths and science skills

It might surprise you, but young children show great interest in mathematic and scientific concepts. They begin, early in life to understand the notions of time and measurement, cause and effect, identify number patterns, and recognise different shapes.

Being able to solve mathematic problems is an essential life skill and one that can be developed through interactive play.

Goodstart offers a quality Kindergarten Program to help children acquire early maths and science skills. Matching games, sorting games and counting games, are just some of the play-based learning experiences incorporated into our program. The activities are themed around numbers, symbols, geometry, patterns, movement and collecting data, to encourage children to problem-solve and investigate how the world works.

Our kindergarten teachers make a difference

Nicole, a passionate kindergarten teacher for Goodstart Early Learning enjoys helping children develop and grow their mathematics skills through fun play-based learning. She believes the transition to school is very important and encourages children to build their skills so they get the best possible start in life. 

“We encourage children to measure, mix and create patterns. A lot of mathematical language is brought into our program—we talk about measurement in terms of longer and shorter, larger and smaller, to expose children to the language they’ll hear at school.”

We really try to focus on school readiness so that children are prepared emotionally, socially, and physically. It’s a very emotional time when the children go off to formal schooling, because it means that my job is done.”

Find out how Nicole helps her children develop the maths skills and confidence needed to participate and deal with the demands of school and life.

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Posted by Goodstart
11 March 2016

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