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What will my child learn in kindergarten or preschool?

What will my child learn in kindergarten or preschool?

Giving a child a good start on their learning journey is all about teaching them a wide range of essential skills.

Delivered through our play-based learning approach, we place a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional skills which are essential for success in learning at school and in later life, as well as many of the more traditional skills that will be further developed at school.

The kindergarten and preschool curriculum at Goodstart program includes:

Social-emotional learning
  • Working with and alongside others in small and large groups
  • Building self-awareness and co-operation
  • Sharing, caring and learning to empathise
  • Conflict resolution skills and the ability to play co-operatively
  • Social skills that help with making friends, such as sharing and listening
Language and literacy
  • Learning language and literacy skills through storytelling and word play
  • Understanding narrative and developing word recognition
  • Developing communication skills and confidence in using them
Science, technology, engineering and maths
  • Using numbers to understand the concepts of time, dates, money and measurements
  • Sorting objects by size, colour, shape and patterns
  • Learning through puzzles and counting games
  •  Investigating how the world works through games and activities
  • Growing gardens, caring for animals, and learning to respect and care for things
Drama and pretend play
  • Creating shared pretend scenarios using dress-up and props
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tone and pitch, and developing social awareness
  • Discovering more about their own and other cultures through dance and music
Creative arts
  • Expressing ideas in 2D and 3D through painting, drawing, collage and clay play
  • Developing fine motor skills through the manipulation of 3D materials
Physical activity and active play
  • Developing gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination and concentration through climbing, running, jumping, skipping and other physical activities
  • Fostering well-being and better thinking
Preschool and kindergarten programs at Goodstart are geared towards helping children develop the foundational skills they need for a smooth transition to school. And best of all, our programs are fun and really help children to develop an openness and love of learning.



Posted by Goodstart
02 March 2017

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