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Creating a balance between work and family is possible

Creating a balance between work and family is possible

Centre Director, Triona Owen shares with us how she has been supported by Goodstart to achieve her perfect work/life balance. 

Last year I decided that life’s too short to work full time. I always valued work / life balance, but a family emergency and my son starting school suddenly gave me a new perspective.

I worked closely with my managers and team to create a flexible work arrangement that allows me to spend more time with my two children. Everyone was extremely supportive. We’ve come up with a way of working that allows the centre to continue to run seamlessly when I’m not there, and it empowers and builds the experience of other team members.

Don’t get me wrong, getting the centre to the point where this works has taken time, patience anTriona-Port-Kennedy.jpgd effort by all involved. But I credit our success to the team and leaders – a close-knit group of strong professionals who can and are willing to swap into other roles.

The increase in work/life balance is amazingly important to me. I can now pick up my son from school three days a week, see his teachers, and do extracurricular activities with my children. I’m giving them the individual care and attention which is at the heart of Goodstart’s 'key educator’ relationships, which I am so passionate about. I’m doing and teaching at home what I’m saying at work! I sleep, eat and breathe it.

Working at Goodstart has been a fantastic experience. From the employee discounts I receive on early learning, to this flexible working arrangement, I really feel supported and cared for by both the organisation and my local team. Then there’s the added benefit of Goodstart’s commitment to professional development, and encouragement you receive to progress to other roles. There’s a great variety of opportunities within the company, and the support available to make your goals a reality.

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Posted by Goodstart
25 March 2021

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