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Ability to earn while learning drives Goodstarter

Ability to earn while learning drives Goodstarter

Julia Burns, Admin Assistant at Goodstart East Perth shares her journey of studying for her Cert III and then Diploma qualifications through the Goodstart Institute of Learning, all while working part-time in her local Goodstart centre.

I wanted to work in a different industry, and the attraction of a not-for-profit that offered early learning discounts and funded education for employees was certainly a motivation for me to apply. But now it’s the people I work with every day that really keep me here. We have a great, caring team, which means there’s always someone to ask for help, and the centre’s commitment to celebrating the diversity of our people and families makes it a relaxed and fun place to work.

As part of my role as an Administration Assistant I show families who are looking for care for their child around the centre, but I knew if I had a deeper understanding of early childhood development I could enhance the experience.

With the encouragement and support from my Centre Director I took the opportunity to study for free at the Goodstart Institute of Early Learning, while continuing to work part-time. The scheme gives permanent full and part-time employees access to funded high-quality, flexible, hands-on learning, and Certificate III and Diploma qualifications.

I’m now in the last year of my study for a Diploma of Early Childhood Education while working three days a week at Goodstart and doing my practical hours on my non-work days at the centre. It’s great because I already know the centre and the team, there are none of those usual nerves of training in an unfamiliar environment.

This qualification not only allows me to bring additional knowledge and understanding to my current role but it opens up future choices and opportunities. I’m so grateful I have had this support and look forward to what the future brings.

Lela Mrdak, Centre Director of Goodstart East Perth said the centre is benefitting from Julia's ongoing study.

"Julia’s future with Goodstart is great. She will be able to use her newly acquired knowledge and skills to enhance centre tours with new and prospective families in her role as Administrator or she even has the option to pursue a career as an educator."

If you'd like to find out more about the roles available or what it's like to work at Goodstart visit our careers page. 

Posted by Belinda Spina
24 March 2021

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