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Matt finds his calling at Goodstart

Matt finds his calling at Goodstart

A former martial arts instructor, who was a tattooist for 12 years before that, Matt Grungo says he has finally found his calling as an early learning educator at Goodstart Mawson Lakes – Avocet Drive.

The 37-year-old had been teaching children in martial arts when his sister-in-law, who works in early learning, suggested he pursue a career working in the industry.

 “During my time teaching martial arts, I was seeing a lot of children who were coming in for lessons that had challenges in their learning,” Mr Grungo said.

 “My sister-in-law said that because of my experience and my enjoyment working with children, I could make a difference,” Mr Grungo said. “So, I got my diploma and joined early learning.”

While his friends initially questioned his career choice, Mr Grungo knew he would be a good fit for the role.

“There are not that many men in the industry, but I knew I’d enjoy it,” he said. “Before I taught martial arts, I was a tattooist and while this is worlds apart, I learnt a lot of skills such as calming people down and being good at conversation and these translated well.”

As a father of three children – two boys aged 8 and 10 and a three-year-old daughter who attends his centre – Mr Grungo says he’s really enjoyed his career change and is considering lecturing students.

He said teaching early learning was the kind of job that presented new challenges and perspectives every week.

 “We all have our days no matter which industry you work in but in early learning, it’s so rewarding when you connect with a child or they go home and talk about you to their parents,” Mr Grungo said.

But he said he was an industry people needed to be passionate about before they took the step.

 “If you’re keen about it and you’re going to be genuine – particularly if you want to work in my profession, children will spot you a mile off – you’ll last longer at your job.”

“if you’re not interested, you simply won’t do it.”


Posted by Goodstart
01 May 2019

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