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Pre-kinder enables essential life skills

Pre-kinder enables essential life skills

Did you know that 90 per cent of all brain development occurs before children start school?  

It’s a time when babies and children are learning fast, and by the age of three years old, a child’s brain has more connections than at any other time in their lives.

It’s also a time when building a child’s confidence to enable them to become passionate, curious and active learners is essential.

This is why Goodstart Early Learning WA has developed a Kindergarten Program which helps launch children into a life of learning through programs focused on play-based learning. Goodstart also has developed a Kindergarten Foundations Program to support children in a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Early years education is a key priority with each of our pre-kindergarten programs providing learning environments that focus on play-based intentional learning.

Featuring high quality, age-appropriate play-based pre-kindy programs within a long early learning environment, children learn much more than numeracy and literacy.

Goodstart pedagogy and practice general manager Sue Robb said brain development in the early years builds foundations for future development in people’s lives, which is why early learning is so important.

“The ages of three to five are critical to children’s brain development and research shows children who have attended two years of quality play-based early learning make the best transitions to school,” Ms Robb said.

“Goodstart’s programs teach children great communication skills, coping skills, resilience and self-discipline,” Ms Robb said. “They are also essential in practising fine and gross motor skills, basic maths, literacy and general knowledge.”

Goodstart WA business improvement manager Donna DiBartelomo said Goodstart was committed to investing in children and families to set them up for the best possible start in life.

“We know that children exposed to quality early learning before starting school have a stronger introduction and a stronger start,” she said.

“Some children need a more nurturing and gentle start to pre-kindy and kindergarten such as what Goodstart provides, rather than a big school kindergarten.”

If you would like to find out more about Goodstart’s Kindergarten Foundations program, you can visit or call 1800 222 543.


Posted by Goodstart
09 May 2019

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