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This happy Goodstart employee didn’t always plan on working with children

This happy Goodstart employee didn’t always plan on working with children

Flexibility for the children, their families and the employees is just one reason why Annie John loves her job as an early learning teacher with Goodstart. She explains in her own words why a career change to early learning education has been such a great move. 
I came to Australia to study Public Health at The University of Western Australia, and during my uni holidays I started working at the UWA Early Learning Centre. I had no background in childcare, but after having had the opportunity to work with children of different age groups, I fell in love with it. 
It feels like you’re at home – gardening, cooking and doing things you enjoy when w
orking with young children, but you are using these opportunities to teach them about language, science and maths.  

I decided on a career change right away and started looking into qualifications. I applied to Edith Cowan University, completed my Graduate Diploma in Education, and retrained to become a teacher specialising in early childhood education. 

Now, I’m full-time Teacher at Goodstart and just love it. 

What’s really touched me is how different it is to my early years when I was a child. It’s child-centred here, rather than teacher-centred. Instead of someone making the decision for the child, the child makes it themselves. 
Children have lots of choices, and we have more freedom and flexibility around the curriculum than perhaps school-based teachers.  
Learning here is very play-based and hands-onWhen I was a child, it was always about the blackboard and chalk, and when we were learning fractions, I never got it. The way we teach here is very connected, visual and immersive; the children can see things, feel them, touch them, and learn with their senses. 
What I also love about early learning centres, as opposed to kindergarten at school, is that this philosophy of flexibility is also extended to the family. We accommodate what’s going on for them. Here, we understand and relate to families if they’re going through changes. 
I get to have a good work-life balance as well. I’m working five days a week, but there is always time to finish my work while I’m at work, and I get time for my own personal development.  
Then I get to go home and enjoy my family life. 
I’m so glad I made the career change – it’s been a great choice. I feel like I’m learning alongside the children all the time. 

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Posted by Goodstart
06 May 2021

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