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Big emotions on the agenda

Big emotions on the agenda

It’s no secret that children can have big emotions and sometimes it can be a challenge for parents and educators to help them deal with these emotions.

Goodstart state manager Dr Lesley Jones will give a presentation at this weekend's (November 17 and 18)  Gold Coast Kids and Parenting Fair on helping parents to navigate and support children through big emotions.

Dr Jones' presentation will give parents the skills to help their children learn to negotiate the complex social world around them.

 “Small children can, and do, have big emotions. Learning how to cope with big emotions and new social situations takes time and lots of practice for little ones to become masterful,” Dr Jones said. 

“Putting children’s behaviours into perspective; understanding what is going on and learning some simple, effective strategies goes a long way to taking the frustration out of these challenging moments,” she said.

“Thinking about children learning social behaviours in the same way we think about other types of learning like literacy or numeracy, can help us put children’s behaviour and the parent’s role in supporting the learning into better perspective.”


Posted by Goodstart
12 November 2018

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