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Supporting the people supporting our children

Supporting the people supporting our children

(pictured are Qld Teacher Program Manager – Adele Amorsen; Qld Teacher - Karen Yarrow and Qld Teacher Lead - Asha Campbell)

For Adele Amorsen, supporting teachers and their professional growth is inspiring and rewarding work. Having taught at both schools and universities, she knows the importance of taking care of the people taking care of our children.

Adele has been Goodstart’s Queensland Teacher Program Manager since 2019. It’s an exciting, diverse, evolving role, which sees Adele working with teachers to design and deliver the best possible experience for children and families.
“I love my role as it allows me to listen to teachers and their challenges and see them overcome these with resilience and dedication,” Adele says.
“I get to watch them grow and develop professionally, and witness the incredible impact our teachers have on their children and families during their most important years of education and growth.”
Adele’s experience spans from teaching early years and prep, to lecturing and researching at Queensland University of Technology’s School of Early Childhood. So she understands that while early learning is critical, rewarding work, it has its challenges, and that teachers need to be set up for success. It’s why Goodstart’s Teacher Professional Program, and the role of Teacher Program Manager, is so important to her. The team work in Queensland centres every day to support teacher professional development and growth, making sure they have the in-room support they need to thrive in their roles.
“Early childhood is a vital stage of a child’s life. Supporting our teachers and seeing the energy, dedication and enthusiasm they have for their role is rewarding work,” Adele says.
“I’m inspired by their commitment and the mountains they move to ensure every child has what they need to grow and develop to be their very best”.


Posted by Goodstart
02 November 2021

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